Alice is a motivational speaker, a writer an author, an advocate for social justice and an activist. She has battled  breast cancer and different challenges in her life.


Alice arrived in the UK in 2002 as a refugee and for 8 years she volunteered at the Reading Refugee Support Group both as chair and vice-chair. She helps to advocate and portray a more positive image of refugees by participating in numerous projects; one of which was co-started the Zimbabwe Community Groups and recently the Zimbabwe-Reading Women’s Group. 


She is currently a trustee of the Reading City of Sanctuary and a Specialist Ambassador for the Female Wave of Change and a representative for the Zimbabwe Diaspora Focus Group. She has done BBC television documentary and interviews on the plight of refugees, poverty, women and speaks at events and conferences. She has also written articles in newspapers and magazines on these issues. She furthers her activism by being actively involved with different organisations in promoting social justice, education for all, alleviate poverty and empowering women and girls. She was given an Honorary Masters of Universities by the Open University in 2013 at a ceremony in Poole for her services to communities, education and civil services.


Alice was presented with an award by the then President Chissano of Mozambique for her writing competition on working with culturally diverse communities. This was achieved while working as a diplomat under Zimbabwean Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Maputo, Mozambique and preceded a posting to the former Yugoslavia, Belgrade. When she returned to Zimbabwe, she co-foundered the first Secretaries training convention in Zimbabwe featured in the media and spoke at different events about women and work.


She has a BA in Social Work and worked for different local authorities as a Social Worker, an MA in International Relations and currently doing a research PhD in Human Geography at Reading University and in her 2nd year. Her research is on Identity and Transnationalism Among Young Zimbabwean Diaspora in the UK.  She is a member of Amnesty International, British Zimbabwe Society, Royal Geographical Society and other women’s groups. 


She is married to Wayne and has two daughters Michelle (aka MemePoet) and Tadiwa. She enjoys writing, loves reading books, attending live music, exercising and walking. They have a family dog called Zii


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