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My research is about Identity and transnational activities for young Zimbabweans in the UK. 

The research looks at young Zimbabweans aged between 18-30 years currently living in the UK, regarding their identity, transnational practices and participation. Young people who migrated with their families as refugees or on a working visa (often termed the 1.5 generation) and international students form an essential part of this migration from Zimbabwe to the UK. The project used feminist qualitative methodology to provide an insight into the migratory journeys to understand and highlight contemporary immigration issues and experiences of belonging. The research devotes attention to how education, work, relationships, race, social networks, and cultural practices shape the young people's identities and ascertain their participation in the UK and the notion of home.


Reading Museum 

I also do community research, and recent work is on the

High Streets Heritage Action Zones’ Cultural Programme,

led by Historic England. 

The role of coaching and mentoring in supporting black academics

“Whether it is called proper supervision or training on the job or managing how you deal with feelings,  or how you talk, coaching is essential. I have benefitted from being coached and also from coaching people myself. These are my personal experiences and might not be exclusive to every black person. 


Let’s spill the tea, or in Alice’s words, we need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Does a Participatory Action Research approach work with diaspora communities?

The young people felt that although they lived in the UK, they still faced challenges and considered Zimbabwe as ‘home’, often because they had faced racial hostility in the UK.  They felt that most of the time, their aspirations were overlooked, leading to them having to work twice as hard as their white peers to demonstrate their talents and abilities.

Poole Degree Ceremony

 Skip to 21:30 for Alice's presentation.

Black History Month:
In Conversation with Alice Mpofu-Coles

International Women's Day - Human Geography with Alice Mpofu-Coles

Celebration & Belonging in Black History Month



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