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Many people will be surprised that someone can be ‘grateful’ for being diagnosed with breast cancer. Some people might not relate to this, but when you read this book, you’ll understand how Alice Mpofu-Coles triumphed over her hardship. 

Alice Mpofu-Coles, a former Zimbabwean diplomat, writes about how the diagnosis made her find her inner strength to live, love, and survive. She wanted answers as to why she should be struck with a life-changing illness but did not have anyone to talk to having moved to the UK as a refugee from Zimbabwe.

Her cancer came as a double-blow after her parents, four brothers and first husband all died within a space of 13 years. She had two young daughters and nobody. She was facing mortality and decided to write to God about the journey of her life. She started ‘writing’ to God to cope with her ill-health as a way of ‘therapy’ to bring out the pain, the past, and the present.

This book has personal intimacy and gives an account of her organic story, her view, feeling, and how she managed to cope and still further her education through difficult times. It is infused with some African innuendos and ‘humour’ with God which will make you laugh and cry at the same time.


The tearful reaction video below was shot by Alice Mpofu-Coles’ daughters after seeing her first book—10 years in the making—printed as a Christmas 2018 present from her husband went viral on Twitter with over 2.6 million views worldwide. It then became news on international websites."After 10 years of slowly writing, suffering from chronic pain from the operations, and so much disappointment, I was so happy to finally see my struggle with breast cancer in words in my first book," – Alice Mpofu-Coles quoted in an article on INSIDER.

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