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“Knowledge is powerful, and no one can take it away from you. Youcan lose everything in your life,

but no one can take away your knowledge.”
- Alice Mpofu-Coles speaking at Open University.

Hello, and welcome to my space, which can be your space, too.


I am Alice, a passionate advocate for social justice, a tireless activist, author, creative researcher and compelling public speaker. My work is around tackling community problems caused by inequalities, including poverty, education, refugees, racial disparities, and well-being, to enable those whose voices are unheard or whose knowledge is not considered, which limits their choices to influence services, politics and practices within their communities and lives. 


My PhD research at the University of Reading focused on identity and activities for young immigrants with the title Identity, Transnational, Translocal Activities and Intergenerational Relationships for Young Zimbabweans in the U.K.  Currently, I am a Community Researcher Associate and to shape the University's future on race equality and as an engaged University with underrepresented communities. The research work embeds Participatory Action Research (PAR) and develops community themes to build capacity embedding equality, diversity and inclusion in research initiatives. 


Beyond research, I extend my dedication to the community as an elected Local Government Councillor in Whitley Ward, Reading, U.K. I am also a trustee for several charities in the country. My commitment to serving the communities has received numerous national and international awards. 


My path has not been without adversity. I faced the harrowing challenge of battling breast cancer and the heart-wrenching loss of seven family members. Nevertheless, my resilience and unwavering dedication to social justice issues remain constant.


As a global citizen, I am always looking for ways to engage and collaborate on participatory action research with communities, social justice issues, and policies, contributing through talks, creativity, and bringing feminist ethics of care and kindness to the authentic voices of people.


Let us learn together to pursue a more just and equitable world.

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