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Alice Mpofu - Coles


“Knowledge is powerful, and no one can take it away from you. You

can lose everything in your life, but no one can take away your knowledge.”
(Alice Mpofu-Coles speaking at Open University)

Hello, I am Alice. Welcome to our shared space together.

I advocate for the issues of refugees, women, children and young people – including poverty, health, education, and other inequalities that might impact the ability to thrive. I recently completed my PhD research looking at the identity and activities of young immigrants from Zimbabwe in the UK and waiting for the viva. I am now working at the University of Reading as a community researcher interested in engaging communities. I am also part of the Race Equality at Reading Action Team,

focusing on diversity and inclusion at the University. We all face challenges. I have had my own. I survived breast cancer. I also had to deal with the loss of seven family members in just 13 years. Together with my awareness of issues affecting the

community, I serve as an elected Local Councillor in Whitley Ward in Reading.

As a global citizen, I am always looking for ways to engage and collaborate on social

injustice issues, research, consultancy, talks, creativity and policies – bringing

participatory and feminist ethics of caring and kindness in the authentic voices of

people. Let us learn together and bring light to each other. Follow my journey here.

Alice has received numerous national and international awards for community work -

- and has featured on BBC and Sky TV as well as local radio stations.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you"

- Maya Angelou

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